D-frawg = Producer / Lyricist / Guitar Player / Singer / Business Man / Just another white dude that happens to love music and poetry

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This is my website , it is a window into my life and music. It is not some lame wannabe musician whos trying his hardest to be a famous rockstar so he can have everyone kiss his ass. Nope Sorry This is a Frawgy Frog world... This is my real life its not your average website. It has secret links, Free Drum Sample Downloads 808 drums, snares, Hi hats etc. I am just a young white dude that was born and raised in beautiful southern California, Long Beach CA to be exact. Things get pretty wild and crazy down here so if you wanna see the side to so cal that Isnt on some bullshit show. Step into my world my froggy frawgy world. I have been playing music since I was a tadpole, and have always wanted to be a rockstar. BUTTT!! it didnt quite work out that way. Im just a tortured soul, dealing with crazy girls, broke, struggling to survive and had many battles with substance abuse. So if I had a perfect little life I probably would have been one of those souless bastards you see on tv. I have had opportunities to be a fuckin backstreet boy but I said hell no! My songs are from my soul, the things I see experience and the feelings I have. I have a story to tell and I have learned alot from all my crazy adventures. I am not a rapper that tries to follow all the latest fads and brag about how rich I am even tho I am broke as fuck but because Drake does it I do it too cuz its cool. Thats not me. I dont think rap should have a color line I dont have to act black to rap or speak poetry. I think rap is a cool art form a great way to express myself or tell a story. I got a lot on my mind and long crazy story to tell. So here I am me against the world and all the bullshit I see on the radio with no substance no heart no intellegence or meaning. When the world needs it most. I am hear just to say whats on my mind and I am sure the same thing is on a lot of peoples mind. I dont care if its not cool or trendy I SPEAK THE TRUTH. So if you like different music check me out I hae no limits. If you are sick of looking at facebook come fuck around on my site. I just add links and stuff that interest me cool art, music, poetry, dope pics, band reviews, interesting facts and cool free e-books. This website is a Labrynth. have fun. ; ) heres my other site www.D-Frog.com

75$ and i will make you a custom beat, record one song mix and master it complete.Once you pay the fee (by clicking the add to cart" link) e-mail D.frawgy@gmail.com or call 562 552 0192 , once payment is confirmed we can setup date. you can also pick a beat from my selection of beats online at soundcloud. Will also make graphic design for song. create a personal song for a loved one this christmas!!!


"Get High" Track of "Nightmare on Temple st. Pt. 3"

"Castlevania" of Nightmare on Temple st. pt. 2

 Bio: D-frawg was born and raised in Long Beach ,Ca but jumped around a lot from Los Angeles and Orange County. The 25 year old is ceo of Frawgystyle Records. His Father is a classical/jazz/flaminco master for more info visit (www.RichardHastings.com). His mother is a lounge singer. He learned how to play guitar from his father at a very young age (4) and he soon learned many other instruments such as drums, piano, uke, banjo, bass and the triangle. from ages 16-22 He started his band Los Federalies (www.LosFederalies.com)He is the lead singer and songwriter/guitar player. They packed such places as the Roxy, Whiskey and Di Piazza's in Long Beach. When he wasn't doing the band he was into Hip Hop. During high school he would use his dads drum machine to make beats and have all his friends over to freestyle and record. Thats when he started rapping he somehow acquired the nickname D-frawg. He realized that he was not a gangster but just a petty frog in his fairy tale world looking for his princess. He made an album when we was 17 Called "Frawgystyle" which is on tape. He is going to be re-releasing it. He was with a rap crew called Terminal Illness which fell apart. Since then he released the "Nightmare on Temple st" Triliogy . Being a guitar player that grew up on all types of different music from hip hop to metal to punk he has no limit in his songwriting. He would prefer to be labeled as a poet rather then a rapper. That is why he is named D-frawg because he is not a Dog, he is not a Gangsta. He just a white dude that grew up a skater and surfer. He is looking for a label to release his debut mainstream album "Frawgystyle". He has been thru a lot so he raps about his life and his battle with drugs that he overcame. He combines his rock background with his hip hop & reggae influences and I guess you get Frawgystyle. Which is also the name of the label he started. Frawgystyle Records. He doesnt follow the mainstream he hates music like Justin Bieber, his music is from the heart. He makes music because he loves it not because he is trying to be some industry wannabe. He has no limits to his music. He writes music depending on what mood he is in. He doesnt care what anyone thinks nor does he follow stupid trends, he is all about individuality. He also produces beats if you need beats please check the beat section of the page or go to www.LongBeachStrongBeats.com

Email: D.frawgy@gmail.com 
Contact info: phone number if interested in production, beats, studio time, studio work, mixing, mastering, guitar/vocals my phone number is - 562 552 0192.

Mixtapes released:

1.Nightmare on Temple st.

2. Nightmare on Temple st. pt. 2

3. Nightmare on Temple st. pt.3

5. D-frawgalypse (Drops Febuary 2015 Friday the 13th)

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D-Frawg Nightmare on Temple st

Links : Band: www.LosFederalies.com

Beats : www.LongBeachStrongBeats.com

Musical influences: 2pac, Sublime, Nirvana, Van Halen, Big L, Guns & Roses, Motley Crew, Megadeath, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osborne, Jedi Mind Tricks, Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Damian Marley, Mili Vanili, Vanilla Ice, Gumby, Muse, Rise Against, Misfits, Operation Ivy, Daft Punk, Dj Shadow, D12, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Dr. Dre, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Foriegner, Boston, Kansas, Queen, Pennywise

Equipment used: Cubase, Reason 5.0, Ableton, Line 6 ux8 Audio Interface, Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster Blacktop series, Ibanez rg2ex1

Get ready for the D-frawgalypse Dropping Febuary Friday the 13th Featuring "Get High" , "Rollin Thru My City" and "Poisin Mind"


New Single "Rollin thru my City" of the D-frawgalypse album droping Feb. Friday the 13th.

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